Autumn blues getting to you? Here are some things to smile about

This season can be so beautiful, but how to deal with Autumn blues? The leaves falling, frosty mornings, snuggling up with your favourite loungewear. It can also be a hard time for some of us! It gets lighter later and darker earlier, it’s cold and rainy, things just aren’t quite as bright and cheery as many of us find them to be in summer! But we’re here to remind you that it will be okay, and help you to find some of the positives if this time of year isn’t your favourite.

Autumn Blues: go for Fall fashion!

Now I am absolutely all for shorts, mini dresses and all the other pretty fits we see over the spring and summer periods, but I can’t help but fall in love with warm jumpers, stylish coats and boots every single year! I find these items so easy to dress up or down, feel confident in, and just generally enjoy wearing! It’s not necessarily about wanting to hide our bodies away if we enjoy these types of clothing, we should all certainly feel empowered to wear whatever we want whenever we want, but some of us just love to be comfortable and feel that way in jeans and a jumper rather than shorts and a vest top! What’s your personal favourite?

Autumn Blues

Autumn Blues: have you considered the importance of colours?

Similarly, I just adore the beautiful array of colours we see everywhere throughout this season! From the greens and yellows of the fallen leaves to the burgundys, creams and browns of the seasonal clothes, I find these particular colours nice and relaxing. They just have this amazing warm quality about them which somehow makes me feel at ease! Next time you’re outside in the cold, take a moment to notice all the colours you can see around you and how they make you feel, it’s a great way to practice mindfulness which can be really beneficial to your mental health if you’re having a hard time, or even if you’re not! Also, I especially love seeing people try out different eyeshadow looks using these colours! Speaking of stunning appearances brings me to…

Autumn Blues

Autumn Blues: consider good lingerie for yourself

Have you discover SKIN TO SKIN, Chitè Milano Fall Winter 2021 2022 lingerie collection? This brand new collection is made for every woman! It features some gorgeous nude products that are so perfect for this season, it’s definitely worth treating yourself to a bra or two if you can! You deserve it. This collection specifically is representative of everything that makes you, you! We want you to respect and love yourself as much as we respect and love you. These bras come in a variety of lush colours so that you can choose the one which best suits your skin tone and we have partnered with textile companies to research premium recycled fabrics, so they are completely sustainable! Chitè is passionate about making sure our lingerie is true to you and makes you feel good, and I believe this line of bras does just that!

fall winter 2021 lingerie women

Autumn Blues: ideas to brighten up a dull day

  • Light a candle
  • Have house plants
  • Have a bubble bath
  • Have an impromptu photoshoot
  • Buy one of our products that you’ve had your eye on which you think will make you feel great

Autumn Blues: Take Care of You!

All in all, this time of year sometimes feels like a descent into darkness both metaphorical and literal! But as long as we look out for each other and take care of ourselves, whether that’s by going for a walk, having a night in, or buying a new bra you love, it’ll be alright! You made it through last year and you’ll get through this one too. We hope this article has reminded you of some of the things you might get some joy from this season, and inspired you to take a look at our new launch!


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