Bespoke lingerie and female empowerment according to make-up artist Beatrice Agnoli

Her enthusiasm and contagious cheerfulness made us smile in the days of lockdown, do you remember? Beatrice Agnoli is the super make-up artist – and Chitè Girl, of course! – who kept us company with exclusive make-up sessions for our LOVER’S COMMUNITY (and you can watch them again on Chitè’s Instagram TV!). Today Beatrice is the special guest of our magazine to talk about beauty and female empowerment even more in depth: she will reveal her intimate relationship with herself, what she felt and feels today when she looks in the mirror. And, most of all, she will reveal her sensations when wearing the Chitè made-to-order lingerie.

Beatrice, what makes the relationship with your body so special? And why?

I was born in a small provincial town where people are not so open-minded. I remember that I hated with all of myself the fact of being taller than all the girls and boys of my age (and beyond), giving the impression of being older than I actually was. The desire to wear heels was so strong that I bought them to put them only at home because, anytime I had enough courage to go out, there was someone taller thean me saying: “Why are you wearing heels if you’re so tall?”. Or, simply, they just looked at me and smirked off their faces. I wanted to sink! I started loving my height when I was about twenty, after a turbulent relationship with a guy. He had developed an obsessive jealousy towards me. In order to avoid unnecessary arguments, I reluctantly unsubscribed from all social networks. I changed my phone number because he didn’t want me to hear and see anyone but him and family members. I couldn’t go out, I couldn’t go to the beach or the pool, I couldn’t wear makeup, I couldn’t get my nails done. I mean, I couldn’t do anything, so don’t even mention wearing heels and miniskirts! I won’t tell the details of the relationship (which can be easily understood) but one day, after two years, I felt so frustrated that I looked in the mirror and said to myself “I’d rather die than to live like this”. I found the strength to leave him and promised myself that – never again in my life – I would allow someone to make me do what I don’t want. And above all, I promised myself to always feel free. Since that day, I have never stopped expressing my eccentricity, my sensuality: heels, skirts, transparencies, necklines… I love my body because it is MINE and I can do whatever I want with it.

What do you look for in a lingerie piece? And how did you find it in Chitè?

S.C.S = sensuality, comfort, support. I have a motto: “Wearing underwear is like wearing a pair of shoes: if they’re uncomfortable, you’ll have a sh***y day”! I need to feel good. I don’t know if it’s just my problem, but knickers that leave signes are not comfortable at all. And bras that eventually lift up every time I raise my arms are not comfortable neither. Basically, if Hercules had been a woman, the fatigues would have been 12 + 2, with the knickers leaving marks and the bras flying up! Feeling sexy is essential: the best way is to have comfortable bespoke lingerie so that every time I get dressed or undressed, I take a look in the mirror and say to myself “Damn, what a babe!”. It’s very good for your self-esteem. Having said that, I think it’s easy to understand why my lingerie is mainly Chitè.

What is your personal touch?

When we talk about bespoke lingerie, the preciousness of the fabric is everything for me. If you want to make me fall in love, give me lace, transparencies and gold embroidery: I’ll be madly yours.

And you, Lover, have you had the opportunity to join Beatrice Agnoli’s make-up sessions? Watch them again on Chitè’s IGTV and have fun rediscovering the power of make-up to sublimate your beauty. We’ll take care of the rest – or rather, lingerie -: MyChitè, the first customisation platform for bespoke lingerie awaits you to pamper you to the fullest.

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