“Bespoke lingerie make us feel unique”: in conversation with Valentina Siragusa

When we asked our Chitè girl Valentina Siragusa to reveal herself to the LOVER’S COMMUNITY, we never imagined that such a wonderfully Zen speech would come out. And believe it or not, although Valentina says she “is not good at talking about herself”, we believe instead that she really is. In this interview, in which she talks about her lingerie customisation experience with our new MyChitè platform, Valentina also highlights the positive relationship she has with her body, guiding us into a state of meditation (ohmmm). With this in mind, all that is good to know about her is that Valentina loves travelling, daydreams, flowers and colours. She has been working on the web for 10 years now. Starting as blogger and content creator, she is now the owner of the digital communication agency Jiffy.

Valentina, what makes the relationship with your body so special? And why?

I learned that the soul and the body are one and the same thing. Lie down on the grass, close your eyes and feel what happens inside you, listen to the well-being and energy moving inside you. Immerse yourself in a stream: the water touches your body. Feel how this freshness penetrates you, cell by cell, and goes deep into the body. Sit in the sun. Let its rays penetrate your body. Feel the warmth that goes deep. The sun is life, the very source of life. With your eyes closed, you can feel what is happening. Stay alert, watch and celebrate. Gradually, you will become aware of a very subtle harmony, a beautiful music that resonates within you. It is then that you will have contact with your body.

I listen to myself, I observe myself. I accept myself -> I know my worth -> I love myself -> I am committed to guaranteeing the best for myself. Living in harmony with your body means truly accepting and caring for yourself. I also want to attach a song: listen to Human by Sevdaliza.

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La carezza del vento ?

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What do you look for in a lingerie piece? And how did you find it in Chitè?

Seeking self-confidence, no doubt. I am looking for a garment that adheres to the skin, caresses the shapes and makes me feel beautiful and confident. Whether it’s coloured or monochromatic lingerie, sensual or basic, embellished with details or simple, the important thing is that it makes us feel good: these are all the qualities that made me love Chitè.

What is your personal touch?

Lace and satin, my perfect mix! Ah, I forgot … it’s pink! With the MyChitè made-to-order lingerie platform I managed to have my perfect underwear not only from an aesthetic point of view but also in terms of measurements. I finally have my perfect bra. The opportunity for customisation makes us feel unique!

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