“My body is my home”: Mara De Marco talks about made-to-order lingerie

Make-up artist, skin specialist, trainer, entrepreneur and much more. Mara De Marco has been working in the cosmetics field with love and passion for more than 15 years: she has collaborated in the creation of complete ranges of make-up, collections and skincare lines for important companies. With a wealth of experience gained working abroad, in 2014 Mara De Marco returned to Milan to found – together with her partner Carlo Concato – the Pro* Lab Academy, a project that has as its fulcrum the creation of an academy and a professional laboratory destined to give space to new talents in the world of make-up. We asked her to talk not only about her relationship with her body but also to try out the new bespoke and made-to-order lingerie platform: MyChitè.

Mara, what makes the relationship with your body so special? And why?

My body is my home. Only growing up did I learn to love it, it’s been a love/hate relationship that has lasted for 38 years. I’ve been overweight and super fit for many years. To date, I feel I have “made peace” with it because I know what it needs to reflect the image in which I recognize myself. I have learned to take care of it without stressing myself!

What do you look for in lingerie item that represents you? And how did you find it in Chitè?

The perfect bespoke and made-to-order lingerie has to be absolutely comfortable and feminine at the same time, without being too girly. Chitè for me is the perfect combination. Comfortable, sexy and with a fresh twist!

What is your personal touch?

The personal touch that I gladly add to my bespoke lingerie is made of tactile fabrics and lace, with some sheer detail. Black for winter and powder pink for spring and summer.

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