“Beauty is self-awareness”: Marialaura Fedi’s body positive art

“Communicating ourselves becomes a pleasure when we like ourselves on a physical level”: it is the very young Marialaura Fedi who affirms it, a talented illustrator we interviewed to celebrate the launch of MyChitè, the first platform for made-to-order lingerie. Get ready to discover Marialaura’s latest drawing, that she has created and signed exclusively for Chitè (below). Also, in this new appointment, she will talk about body positive art and female body perception.

Marialaura, where does your creative process start from?

Drawing is a way to express the body, so the two things are very closely linked. This also means that each of us can draw! I always start with soft shapes, they inspire me and provide me serenity. And there is no specific research, I just want to communicate a sense of freedom, lightness and welcomeness: that’s why I say that we can draw. It is innate to take a pencil and make drawings on a piece of paper.

You play a lot with light points, what is it that can metaphorically make a woman’s body shine in your opinion?

I think it’s the awareness of one’s own resources. As a woman and individual, if I know my relationship with the world and with the people around me, I can also express myself indirectly. It is necessary to know each other well, to know one’s mission in the world. This freedom, which is also awareness, gives us the opportunity to shine and be bright. And to move around the world with our body in a graceful way. As for grace, it does not respond to a canon of beauty but to how others perceive us. And if we all perceive ourselves with love and sharing, we have already won something.

Photocourtesy: Marialaura Fedi for Chitè

Every woman has won a battle with her body, against stereotypes… what do you think about it?

The concept of defect is given to us from the outside, but the defect itself does not exist. I believe that looking at yourself, touching yourself, taking measurements of your breasts is essential. Hugging, feeling your skin and recognising yourself is exactly what you are offering with MyChitè, your made-to-order lingerie platform.

How much of your relationship with your body do you convey in your illustrations?

A lot. My illustrations have changed over time along with my body. I’ve been drawing since I was a teenager: as a child I had certain mental patterns, I wanted my body to be in a certain way. My bras were hard because I was hard with myself. Then, growing up and learning to accept me, the shapes softened, there was a liberation of the female body! My drawings now express total communion with who I am.

What do you think about body shaming between women and how could a healthy female collaboration be encouraged?

Female collaboration is essential for me. If I hadn’t had my first clients as well as those I still have – like you -, not only would I not be working, but there wouldn’t be that exchange that comes up every time you meet a different story than yours or a person different from you. The exchange is always there, and it is healthy to embrace it if you are open and ready to welcome. Perhaps this is precisely the point that should be implemented among women. I often see not so much judgments between women, but real alignments in order not to experience diversity. Instead, you need to know diversity to understand if you like it. Generosity and humility are needed, these would also make the world and society better places.

What piece of advice would you give to those who would like to pursue your profession?

Unleash your creativity, draw with your eyes closed and you will realise that the hand is able to recognise shapes in a completely natural way. Try to draw with your eyes closed without ever removing the tip of the pencil from the paper. Finally, don’t use black – it weighs everything down. Instead, start using primary colors and pencil colors.

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