“Our body is the only real thing truly belonging to us”: in conversation with Martilde

Another round, another Chitè Girl! Today’s LOVER COMMUNITY protagonist is Martilde, who has tried out MyChitè platform, our new service providing you made-to-order lingerie. Martilde is 28 years old, she is an active member of Virgo Milano female collective, she’s a young entrepreneur and owner of L’altro Tramezzino. Her passions truly reflect her personal values: Martilde loves standing up for the causes she believes in and creating connections and networks among people and organizations. Her favorite hobby is reading novels, essays and poetries. We have interviewed her to discover something more about the relationship she has with her own body as well as the way she relates to lingerie as a mirror of her own femininity.

Martilde, what makes the relationship with your body so special? And why?

I love the sense of power behind the idea that my body is the only real thing that truly belongs to me. No one can deprive me of my body. With this in mind, I feel the connection with my body and the freedom to use it and show it as I wish.

What do you look for in a lingerie piece? And how did you find it in Chitè underwar?

When it comes to lingerie or, more specifically, to an underwear brand, I usually look for an ethos reflecting into its products. I want lingerie brands to consider any aspect of the human body and highlight it in a simple and delicate way. It should also take into account all the phases a body goes through along with the mind, which is always connected to a human body. Let’s think for a second of all the times we change our own perception when we look at ourselves in the mirror. For these reasons, I believe that Chitè has the right sensitivity to embrace and consider any phase of this process, proving itself as a brand that leads women into their daily life as an ally and intimate accomplice.

What is your personal touch? 

My Chitè, the new platform for made-to-order lingerie gets even closer to any of us proving itself as trustworthy friend to whom you can tell your intimate secrets, impulses and desires. Thanks to MyChitè, I can feel free to express myself, unleash my creativity an create the perfect fit for my precious body.

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