Lingerie for Christmas 2020? We’ve got you sorted, it’s Halley

Shake the happiness, Chitè’s latest capsule collection makes a dream come true when it comes to your Christmas 2020 lingerie! Get ready to channel your festive vibes into bras and knickers you’ve always dreamed of. Warm colours – such as red and green – are protagonists along with exquisite corduroy velvet to celebrate festive moments in the most memorable way. All pieces are handcrafted with love by expert Italian artisans in their independent laboratories. Whether you want to buy it for yourself or gift it to your beloved ones, these Christmas underwear sets will be up for sale until they’re sold out (lucky you if you can find them after Christmas as well!).

Lingerie Christmas 2020: Halley red bra

Add a handcrafted red bra to your Christmas 2020 lingerie drawer. Trust this wonderful velvet and lace bralette: the triangle shape gently lifts your boobs, offering you the chance to forget you’re wearing a bra. Plus, the double shoulder strap is Chitè signature feature: it provides you as much comfort as you need. Note well: did you know that all Chitè pieces are handcrafted with love by expert Italian artisans in their independent laboratories? Now that you know, there aren’t any more excuses. * Add to basket. *

Lingerie Christmas 2020 red bra


Lingerie Christmas 2020: Halley red thong

The perfect red thong for your Christmas 2020 lingerie? Same iconic design, same concept, new exquisite fabric. Chitè’s Cheeky Lover knickers – handcrafted in Italy by expert artisans – welcome on board a new addition, made from irresistible corduroy velvet. Soft to the touch, this thong actually provides you comfort and style thanks to the signature ruffled edges that adapt to your body without leaving marks. Just love them: you have no other choice.

Lingerie Christmas 2020: red thong


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