All the Christmas gift ideas you need: let the Chitè team inspire you!

Let us guess it, you haven’t bought all the Christmas gifts yet. Alright, there is no need to worry at all. Our (positive) mantra is the following one: don’t wait till the very last second! Instead, let this wishlist – that our Chitè team has put together for you – help you find the perfect Christmas gift. Here you’ll find our core underwear sets – note well, all of them are 100% Made in Italy – as well as satin shorts and tank tops from our nightwear collection Lolita Goes Bed. Also, you’ll find petit cadeaux that every Lover should own: Chitè perfume, our vitamin mix, helps kicking off the day with the right energy. Find out all the gift ideas waiting for you on our e-commerce and get the most of the shopping experience guided from our team!

Gift ideas for Christmas 2020: organic cotton underwear

Federica Tiranti – Creative Director and Co-founder

“This Christmas, I’d pick a white lingerie set from our capsule Origini. I love the Anemone bra and Cielo knickers, they’re both 100% organic cotton. I think they’re the ultimate source of comfort and beauty, as well as perfect for this Christmas which is going to be slightly different from the previous ones”.

Gabriele Lasage – Assistant Product Development

“My ideal Christmas gift would be a black Anemone bra from Chitè’s Origini capsule collection. It’s incredibly comfortable, sustainable and feminine. I really like its athleisure hybrid style as well as the fact that we can also wear it at home for a relaxing day or to go dancing at the weekends (as soon as we have the chance to do it again!) “.


Gift ideas for Christmas 2020: Lolita Goes Bed underwear

Giustina Guerrieri – Senior Communication Executive

“I’ll ask Santa Claus to bring me a graphite satin pajamas set from Chitè’s Lolita Goes Bed nightwear collection. Elegant colour and silky texture: I truly long for it!”.

Maria Elena Simeoni – Merchandising & Strategy Executive

“I would love to receive a Lolita Goes Bed satin pajamas set in the new red edition. I would like it with my initials embroidered in gold. I find it perfect to be worn on a slightly different Christmas evenings, wrapped in the warmth of your home!”

Julia Grant – Social Media Manager

“What I’d like to find under my Christmas tree is a royal blue satin pajamas set from Chitè nightwear collection, Lolita Goes Bed. And, should Santa Claus be very generous, I would also ask for a bra and a pair of Brazilian knickers from the Royal capsule: I would like them in berry pink!”.


Gift ideas for Christmas 2020: Chitè perfume

Giuseppe Damato – Public Relations

“My perfect gift is Chitè perfume: a warm and enveloping aura, almost feeling like a hug. And only God knows how much we need it right now”.

Federica Caiazzo – Communication Executive

“Chitè perfume feels to me like a safe haven, it reminds me of a feeling of comfort and light-heartedness typical of my childhood. Exactly those magical emotions that have always distinguished Christmas in my imagination!”.”


Gift ideas for Christmas 2020: skincare products

Bianca Mozzanega – E-commerce Executive

“Nothing would make me happier than the new skincare kit Milanesi x Chitè. I would like to receive the one featuring the coffee facial treatment, combined with La Milanese handmade sleeping mask in satin. Self-care time is precious, and I’d love to enjoy it all this Christmas”.


Gift ideas for Christmas 2020: Chitè core underwear sets

Laura Recaldini – Communication Executive & Graphic Designer

“This Christmas I want nothing more than a pink satin Lolita bra, with no underwire: it is comfortable (essential in this period!) and beautiful. In addition to comfort, we need to pamper ourselves with underwear that makes us feel good”.

Chiara Marconi – CEO e co-founder

“I love the customised Lover knickers! Under the Christmas tree, I would absolutely like to find one in berry pink satin, with a word or phrase that is very inspiring to me. Better still if embroidered in boho style!”.


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