Earth Day 2021: Chitè’s sustainable promise

World Earth Day, also known as #EarthDay, was celebrated for the first time in history on March 21st, 1970. The merit goes to activist for peace and ecology John McConnell: during the UNESCO Conference held in San Francisco in 1969, he suggested having a day to celebrate the respect and protection of the Earth. From a necessary idea, a tradition that would be perpetuated over time: on the 22nd April 1970, US Senator Gaylord Nelson officially constituted Earth Day. It eventually became “global”, when Denis Hayes – first coordinator of the Earth Day – made it an international event involving over 180 nations.

Earth Day: Buy less, choose well, make it last

“Buy less, choose carefully, make it last over time”: if you’ve never heard of it, this is the famous mantra of English designer Vivienne Westwood, who’s also a great activist and environmentalist. This is exactly the philosophy we embrace at Chitè: our premium quality lingerie, handcrafted in independent laboratories in the best Italian tradition, is considerably designed to last over decades and stand the test of time. We totally detach ourselves from fast fashion production too! As a matter of fact, we create our collections sticking to the principles of slow couture and giving value to the time craftsmen need. Lastly, all our ateliers marry the values ​​of sustainable production.

Earth day sustainable lingerie

Earth Day: Chitè joins the Fashion Revolution Week

The #FashionRevolutionWeek, which falls on World Earth Day 2021, is the global movement whose purpose is to raise awareness about responsible production from fabric to finished garments. The movement was born in 2013 following of the tragic collapse of the Rana Plaza. On the 24th april 2013, an eight-story commercial building collapsed in Savar, a sub-district in the Greater Dhaka Area of ​​Bangladesh. The disaster is still considered the most serious fatal accident in the history of textile factories: there were 1129 victims and 2515 injured people.

One of the issues raised by Fashion Revolution is #WhoMadeMyClothes? It’s a question we should always ask ourselves when shopping and it is our right to know the face and name of those who make our garments, just as it is our duty to ensure that the human rights of these workers are guaranteed. Chitè is committed to being humanly sustainable since day one: we collaborate with independent artisanal workshops located in the heart of the Langhe, in Piedmont.

Earth Day 2021 sustainable lingerie
Marinella, Chitè head seamstress!

Here is who makes your Chitè pieces! She is Marinella, our head seamstress who – together with her female team – gives life to Chitè underwear collections. Collaborating with her independent atelier allows us to value and support Italian craftsmanship. PS. During the Covid-19 emergency, our seamstresses also produced masks.

Earth Day: Chitè lingerie in 100% organic cotton

Our collection also features the Origini underwear set which includes bras, bodysuits and knickers made of 100% organic cotton and available only in two colours, such as white and black. Our cotton, which is Oeko-Tex certified, has Ivorian origins and is processed in Italy to be transformed into yarn. Finally, the attention to the cultivation techniques used for Ivorian cotton allows us to create one of the highest quality open-end yarns on the market.

Earth Day 2021 sustainable lingerie


Organic cotton lingerie

Black organic cotton triangle bra. Chitè, €59,50


Organic cotton underwear

White organic cotton bralette with glitter waistband. Chitè, €59,50



White organic cotton bodysuit. Chitè, €70


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