Tell me who you are, and I’ll tell you which kit Chitè has in store for you

How to choose the right underwear? Tell me who you are, and I’ll tell you which kit Chitè has in store for you. Whether you want to gift it to your best friend (we are about to introduce you the perfect gift idea) or simply pamper yourself with a different purchase than usual, we at Chitè have planned everything you need. There are three options (it’s said to be the perfect number, isn’t it?) and they are all self-love proof. Whatever your schedule for the day, Chitè kits contain our 100% Made in Italy lingerie items and essential accessories to take care of yourself.

You deserve relax, don’t you?

If you love relax and want to spend a whole day at home seeking for comfort, the IVORY VIBES kit will pamper you with the iconic ivory Lolita bra (which is 100% Made in Italy and handcrafted according to the principles of slow couture). Minimal and super soft, this triangle bra will be the star of your lingerie drawer! And just like any deserved day off, the world outside can wait: that’s why we’ve embroidered the sleeping mask with the “5 More Minutes” quote. Last treasure? A touch of glamour cannot be missing: the Lover hairclip will make you sparkle.


If you are a (pajamas) party queen

GIRLS NIGHT IN is the new night out! “Leave me”, says the sleeping mask of this Chitè kit. How is our evening going to be? We plan to spend it in pajamas, inviting some friends to stay over. How to choose the right underwear for the evening? The gray Lover knickers will be your comfort ally, as well as being a cult of Chitè lingerie that can’t be missing in your underwear drawer. The content of this kit (a perfect gift idea, by the way) will also surprise you with its perfume: Chitè eau de parfum contains iris, black pepper and violet (you will love it!) and is an ode to femininity. Last but not least is Chitè shopper bag: for your next shopping sessions!


If you love to enhance your beauty (skincare, anyone?)

If you have planned to dedicate your evening to skincare, make sure you have everything you need with Chitè LOVER’S CLUB kit: the scrunchie and the Lover clip will allow you to collect your hair with style while you take care of your face with scrubs and skincare masks. And then, voilà, goodbye world: “K Bye” is the sleeping mask to wear and surrender to the arms of Morpheus. Have you chosen it as a gift idea? Your friend will love it.


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