Good posture as a result of self-confidence: in conversation with Kate Middleton’s insoles maker

As a lingerie brand, we believe that comfort lies at the heart of female empowerment. No woman can feel 100% herself without feeling comfortable in her own skin and this is exactly what Chitè underwear stands for. However, insoles – just like lingerie! – come into contact with the body and support it throughout the day. With this in mind, we have interviewed London’s entrepreneur Rachel Bowditch. In a way which is nothing but similar to Chitè co-founders Chiara and Federica, Rachel leads her own company too. It was 2014 when she launched Alice Bow to provide handcrafted insoles to dynamic women: spotted on Kate Middleton too, we’ve got the chance to ask Rachel her opinion on self-esteem, self-confidence and positive body language as a result of good posture. Here’s what she has revelaed the Lover’s Club.

Where did your idea to create handcrafted insoles come from?

The idea came out of frustration at what was available.  Whilst trying on shoes in a high-end shoe shop in London, I asked if they had any insoles as the shoes had no padding.  All they could offer was ugly, detracting from the style of the shoes. I wanted my shoes to look as good off as on – and to be reliably comfortable.  Hence Alice Bow was born.

Rachel, you’ve recently launched the Luxury Foot Massage Kit whose aim is to release stress by massaging the feet. How does stress impact our posture and consequently body language?

Most women exercise from their ankles to their neck, with face and feet forgotten.  Our feet carry the stress of walking, as well as poor alignment from further up the body.  We all know it’s easier to smile when our feet are happy!

Courtesy of @alicebowstore

We find it beautiful that you’ve chosen a crystal for the rollers of the massage kit. Crystals can actually have a positive impact on self-esteem. Was the choice made on purpose?

Yes, we chose to use all natural products for our massage kit – Himalayan Salt, Rose Quartz and Cork – that have a positive impact on the body.  Rose Quartz has long been associated with beauty and is magnificent for triggering reflexology points.

Courtesy of @alicebowstore

Insoles make shoes even more comfortable. Do you think there’s a connection between good posture and self-confidence?

Definitely!  When our shoes look good and feel great, it immediately gives us an extra boost.  Our posture is elevated and we’re ready to face whatever the world has instore for us that day.

Your brand, Alice Bow, has been spotted on Kate Middleton as well. What’s your personal idea about Kate’s body language/posture?

Kate manages to combine warmth with the regalness that her role requires. Her body language is respectful to all and there is a kindness that clearly comes across.

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