The history of pajamas (in 4 pills) to remember now, tomorrow, forever

Are you a fan of Chitè Lolita Goes Bed ensembles? Great, you certainly cannot miss this: we’re about to trace back the history of satin pajamas. While some of you might be tired of pajams (it’s all we’ve been wearing during Covid-19 lockdown), others may have – for the same reason – re-evaluated their unique allure: however it is, satin pajamas have become the most hybrid garment halfway between nightwear and loungewear, and at Chitè we know it well. Not surprisingly, all pajamas sets (consisting of shorts and satin tops) from the Lolita Goes Bed capsule are much more than a simple night suit following 2021 fashion trends. This is a timeless combination for women’s wardrobe, handmade by Italian seamstresses and created with considered design in mind. Let’s retrace its history together, in 4 interesting pills to remember forever.

History of pajamas: When was the word born?

The origin of the word is what strikes first in the history of pajamas: did you know that “pajamas” comes from Hindi pae jama and means “dress for the legs”? As reports, the most embryonic form our favorite nightwear item was a suit consisting of tunic and trousers, which only men (just men!) were allowed to wear in ancient Persia. Afterwards, British colonisers who had been in India took pajamas to Western countries in the late nineteenth century.

History of pajamas

History of pajamas: When did women start wearing them?

It was the great luster of the so-called Belle Epoque that made women accustomed to wearing pajamas: this historical period, conventionally dated between 1880 and 1914, soon paved the way to what would have been a real fashion revolution. The 20s of the XX century – which also saw the advent of Coco Chanel with her famously acknowledged style à la garçonne – witnessed the full transformation of pajamas: from being an exclusively masculine garment, they soon became a must-have in women’s wardrobe.

History of pajamas: Who was Daisy Fellowes?

If there is a name to remember in the history of pajamas, it can only be Daisy Fellowes: write it down! Daisy was a Parisian editor of the famous fashion magazine Harper’s Bazaar. It is to her that we owe the credit for having made satin pajamas an indispensable garment synonymous with luxury. As our source tells us, it seems that in 1933 she received guests home wearing peacock blue silk pajamas, just like the one protagonist of Chitè’s Lolita Goes Bed capsule collection.

History of pajamas


History of pajamas: Which Was Jackie Kennedy’s Favorite?

Equally crucial in the history of pajamas wew the years that followed its advent: the now-called Hostess Pajamas – literally, pajamas specifically designed to receive guests – became obsolete until, in 1960, designer Irene Galitzine brought it to life again with lively patterns that would have even captured the attention of Jackie Kennedy: it is the famous Palazzo Pajamas, to which even Emilio Pucci would later dedicate a creative interpretation of his own.

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