Caterina De Carli and the art of embracing change (to turn it in our strength)

How to embrace change? And, more importantly, what kind of representation should the concept of change have? To us, it is Caterina De Carli’s face to truly embody change. Caterina is the founder of @thegirlbossplanner and she’s been guest of Chitè on our Instagram profile, where she hosted a talk to reveal THE LOVER’S COMMUNITY the meaning of being a woman in her rebirthing. As a militant feminist, Caterina shares with us the idea that any woman can be driven by her own strength, which is just waiting for her to be unleashed. Any woman, at the dawn of a new self, can use her own inner strength to evolve, grow up, mature and know herself even better. Any woman can become the person has always dreamt of being. With this in mind, Caterina De Carli has created Girl Boss Planner, a free planner that you are more than welcome to download online month by month. Goal to score? Rescheduling priorities, restoring balance and creating a healthier environment around yourself. Today, Caterina is guest of our magazine to tell and encourage any Chitè Girl in our community to not fear change AT ALL.

Caterina, the first page of your planner introduces us to the difference between self-nurturing and self-indulging: how to be more aware about the differences between the two?

Both of them are part of our lives: we just need to recognize them and focus on self-nurturing activities, which are closer to our values and ambitions. For example: a woman who wants to get fit will create a new daily routine focusing on healthy food, physical exercise, taking care of her body, noting down her progress to be aware of the fact that she is getting closer and closer to the final goal (self-nurturing). However, it might occur a day in which she wants to cuddle herself with a slice of cake, eat chocolate or more past than usual (self-indulging). Eating delicacies is much more satisfying than having a salad!  You will be happy, fit and your self-esteem will grow! Of course, sometimes it also happens that the pleasure of eating a slice of cake leads to eating another one: you will experience an ephemeral moment of happiness. Therefore, I suggest analyzing how the two potential actions might impact your life and finding a balance between the two to achieve your goal!

How important is the novelty factor in our daily routine?

Novelty provides us with that kind of sense of adventure and excitement that we all would like to experience in our lives. The planner I have created also features the box “New experiences I’d like to try for myself”: I’ve included it because we need to push ourselves outside the comfort-zone and try new experiences. It could be a new book, learning how to cook something new and different, starting a new activity or visiting a place we’ve never been to. It just means creating personal enrichment and challenging ourselves! However, I’d like to stress the fact that new experiences will not drive us to grow and go beyond our comfort zone if we don’t set a daily routine, in which our values and ambitions are reflected. Instead, novelty will just become one of the many things we do.

Let’s talk about gratitude: in the planner you’ve created, you ask us to make a list of things that made us feel happy, at the end of every day. What would you recommend to those who need to develop positive thinking? 

Focusing on gratitude is a fundamental step for those who want to understand themselves and the environment around them. Taking a moment at the end of the day to analyze what made us smile is crucial to have a better understanding of what makes us happy. We experience so many emotions every day, but do we really know what makes us happy? Why are we excited? What are we grateful for? On busy days, hardly anyone pays attention to small gestures, such as someone bringing coffee to your desk or someone else saying “I love you”. Also, there is a downside that might be difficult to understand: in order to be grateful and happy, we should also do our best to give up on situations and people that do not allow us to evolve. We need to analyze our life and decisions, forgive our mistakes and learn from them, learn to love who we are and not who we would like to be. There is no evolution without understanding who we are. And then never, never, never, compare yourself to the others! Everyone has her own journey, her times, her inner demons (even those who hide them very well!).

Rescheduling our priorities is an act of self-love, especially at the dawn of rebirthing. What piece of advice do you have for those who are facing their evolution?

Become aware of who you are otherwise you will not be able to become who you want to be. In my rebirthing process, I’ve had to fight against the sense of abandonment, inadequacy and the feeling of not being enough for someone. I felt like I hadn’t fully exploited myself and my potential. So I started by telling myself this: “I owe myself everything I dreamed of and everything I want to achieve. I owe myself the hard work that allows me to achieve my goals. I owe myself the opportunity to become whoever I want”. We all have weaknesses and defects, and I know mine very well. One day, a person asked me: “What are you good at?”: I couldn’t answer the question. So, start from here: answer this question, and write down your ambitions and priorities. Visualize your happiness. What does success mean for you? What kind of features do you love in the other people? What are your weaknesses? Become aware of who you are. And don’t worry if you change mind along the path: it happened to me too! 😉


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