How to take care of your body with Musa Digital skincare pills

This past weekend, our great Lover’s Community spent a few minutes with Musa Digital on our Instagram account. Musa is an editorial project focused on the beauty universe as well as female wellness: it aims to raise awareness on the importance of small daily routines, enhancing the quality of our skin and self-esteem too. In simple words: Musa can teach you how to take care of your body. As a matter of fact, the goal to be scored is to feel good about ourselves as we are. Also, Musa Digital is very fond of natural make-up and skincare to highlight environmental sustainability issues: as you already know, we fully embrace them at Chitè with our philosophy of 100% Made in Italy lingerie, handmade according to slow couture principles. Now let’s get ahead: what have we learnt from the beauty pills that Musa Digital shared with our Chitè Girls? Let’s review them together.

 # 1 How to choose detergents

Every female body is beautiful, and every single body deserves to be loved and respected just the way it is. With this in mind, Musa Digital reminds us that there is a crucial difference between shower cream and shower gel. The former is much more delicate, because its formula contains ingredients which are suitable for direct contact with your skin. The latter, also known as bubble bath, is meant to be poured into large portions of water: its formula is very concentrated and contains a greater number of surfactants. It is advisable to use it when we are planning to have a hot or refreshing bath! Light some candles, scatter some petals of roses around. Apply a nourishing or detox mask on your face, place a glass of wine next to you and put some nice music no. Then, waiting for us after the bath, nothing would be better than Chitè soft silky Lover knickers!

# 2 How to choose moisturizers

Fair enough, our skin definitely needs moisturizers once dry. Musa Digital reminds us that moisturizers give elasticity, softness, brightness and firmness to our skin (and much more!).  Our mood will surely have its benefits too: a good smelling massage helps us start the day with energy or to relax before going to sleep (lavender is great, btw). Note well: butter, oil, gel or cream? Cosmetics might vary depending on whether you need to nourish, firm or tone up your skin. And don’t forget to choose and change your skincare season after season. Let’s put it this way: try to prefer full-bodied creams in winter and light formulations in summer. Better still if the choice falls on formulations of vegetable origin, such as shea butter, almond oil or jojoba.

PS. Always choose very carefully the scent of your skincare! Musa Digital reminds us that, if we are pleased by its fragrance, we will be more tempted to use it again and again (and this is sooo true!).

# 3 How to choose the scrub

We should scrub our skin once a week. Mission? Remove dead cells and make the skin feel and appear more radiant, soft and smooth. Stay away from scrubs that contain plastic microspheres! They are polluting and harmful to the ecosystem. Much better if you choose scrubs whose formulas contain apricot kernel powder, jojoba pearls, salt and sugar. Do you need a scrub recipe to try home? Oil and sugar (you won’t resist it!).

# 4 Try body brushing

It is called body brushing (also known as dry brushing) and it consists in brushing your skin according to a precise technique. Plus, it has exfoliating and energizing benefits! The massage is very stimulating, that’s why Musa Digital reminds us that it would be better to try it in the morning (or you might have trouble falling asleep), and it would better to do it on dry skin, just before having a shower. How to do it: please, be kind and delicate to your skin, and go for natural brushes with a wooden handle and bristles made from cactus or agave.

Thanks Musa, to the next beauty pills! <3

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