“Made-to-order lingerie is a GOAL”: body positivity according to Annie Mazzola

What do we love about Annie Mazzola? Everything, but we’ll start with the features she considers her signature ones: bangs, red lipstick and good humor. Born in 1991, Annie is from Lodi and spent her childhood and adolescence in Graffignana. She likes eating, laughing and making people laugh, the meat sauce and her boyfriend’s eyes. She doesn’t like people who complain, those who call her “influencer”, envy and coriander. Annie, who’s had the chance to try MyChitè (our digital platform for made-to-order lingerie), has answered our questions to introduce us to her own idea of body positivity.

Annie, what makes the relationship with your body so special? And why?

Well, rather than special, I would define the relationship I have with my body as something unique, and that’s exactly how it should be for every woman. When I was a teenager, I used to hate my nose: whatever pose I stroke, I kept seeing just a “potato-shaped nose”. There was no way I could like it or accept that it was just a simple nose and that it was okay. As I got older, my face changed, I had my hair cut, I became a woman and I magically started to like my nose quite a lot. But the critical focus then shifted to my thighs: “They are too big, I’ll never wear anything above the knee, for God’s sake!”, I used to tell myself. This went on for a few years. However, one day, I tried an above-the-knee skirt just to have fun with some friends: I was so used to say “I will never wear a short skirt” that I immediately tried to take it off as soon as possible. The friends who were there immediately replied all together: “Annie, you look great! Put it on again!”. You know what? I really looked good. I actually liked it, and even a lot! Since that day, above-the-knee skirts have become my favourite ones.

Photocourtesy: Instagram – @anniemazzola

What do you look for in a lingerie piece? And how did you find it in Chitè underwear?

I am not a fan of lace and frilly things. I prefer minimal style and Chitè is the right compromise. There is everything I actually look for, from plain fabrics to elegant lace. I also think that my mood can be generally reflected by my lingerie, and this is such a GOAL. Facing a bad day with the wrong lingerie turns into a nightmare but facing it with the comfortable one is much better!

What is your personal touch? 

I have always been obsessed with the customisation of things with my name: when I was at the elementary school, I used to leave written messages on my classmates’ diaries as well as my signature on any desk. I loved seeing my name written in big letters everywhere. Well, maybe I don’t need to tell you the word I chose to customise the made-to-order lingerie set I created with MyChitè.

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