Create your made-to-order lingerie set with MyChitè. #MakeItYours!

We've already talked about what makes so special our MyChitè box, which is the first step to create your made-to-order and customised lingerie set. But how to go ahead once you've chosen fabrics and colours? MyChitè is the first online platform that - thanks its 3D technology - offers you the opportunity to create your own lingerie set by entering your breasts measurements and choosing colours and fabrics. Thanks to MyChitè, you can now express yourself and unleash your creativity. That's why we have chosen #MakeItYours as a mantra: the protagonist is you! This means you can now have a 100% Made in Italy lingerie set that fits like a second skin, because it is for your skin that it will be sewn. Just like all other Chitè pieces, our expert seamstresses will take care of your bespoke lingerie and handcraft it with love in their artisanal workshops in the heart of Langhe, in Piedmont. As Chiara Marconi, CEO and co-founder of Chitè explains together with Creative Director Federica Tiranti: "We want women who choose Chitè to have complete freedom: the freedom to create, the freedom to express themselves and the freedom to decide what is sexy".

How does MyChitè work? 3 Steps to create and customise your lingerie set

At Chitè, we strongly believe that you are the one and only person who actually knows what you really need. That’s why we have created the platform MyChitè: we want to offer you the opportunity to create your made-to-order and customised underwear in a simple and intuitive way, by letting you explore all the various possibilities. Lets us explain you how the platform works.

# 1 Choose one or more products
Are you trying to find the perfect bra? Are you just looking for a new pair of knickers? Are your dreaming of creating your own made-to-order lingerie set? The choice is up to you. MyChitè will give your the chance to choose among bras with and without cups, which are comfortable and light as well as designed to offer you the support you deserve. You will also find Brazilian knickers and Chitè signature design, called Lover knickers.

# 2 Customise your underwear
Thanks to 3D technology, MyChitè allows you to express yourself. Made-to-order lingerie must reflect your style, so you’re in charge when it comes to choosing the right fabric for you among satin, velvet, lace and tulle. You can also select the colours, the type of shoulder strap (such as the double one, which is Chitè’s signature) and the hooks of the elastic band. You will be guided in every single detail so that your made-to-order lingerie set is exactly as you have always dreamed of.

Made to order lingerie set

# 3 Enter your measurements and complete the order
Providing us your measurements will allow our seamstresses to handcraft your lingerie set as if it were sewn onto your own skin. In just two weeks, your made-to-order underwear will be delivered to your door straight from the artisanal workshops we work with. You will receive a 100% Made in Italy product, handcrafted by our expert local seamstresses. Create your lingerie set now. #MakeItYours!

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