Made-to-order lingerie lovers, MyChitè box is for you

Are you dreaming of made-to-measure lingerie, but still don’t know where to start from? Well, it’s time to get to know MyChitè. MyChitè is the first digital platform that offers you the opportunity to choose fabrics and colours to create your 100% Made in Italy underwear set. Our expert seamstresses handcraft all pieces in their artisanal workshops, located in the heart of Langhe in Piedmont. All we need to know is your underbust and bust measurements, then we’ll leave you having fun mixing colours and fabrics to unleash your creativity according to your personal taste. MyChitè also gives you the chance to customise your underwear by embroidering your initials, a word or quote that you particularly love. The style is up to you, we’ll take care of the rest. In only two weeks, your made-to-order lingerie set will be delivered to your door, ready for you to wear and feel as unique as you are. Not sure where to start? Have an insight of our MyChitè box: we have included everything you need to create your underwear set. You will find:

  • 1 Booklet with all the available fabric samples. Touch the fabrics and turn then into the protagonists of your made-to-order lingerie.
  • 1 Chitè meter to measure your breast. We will need your underbust (chest) and bust (nipple height): here is the real magic of made-to-order lingerie (and about finding the perfect bra).
  • 1 Inspirational drawing signed by illustrator Marialaura Fedi. Marialaura has been the guest of an exclusive interview here on the Lover’s Journal: have you read it yet?
  • Chitè super cool stickers (you won’t resist from the desire to keep applying them on your laptop, smartphone, etc)
  • 1 “Calm your tits” oil to take care of your breast.


Made-to-order lingerie

If you’ve taken your measurements and chosen the fabrics, then go ahead to find out more about MyChitè. Create your made-to-order lingerie set!

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