How to wear the bralette? 2 cool ideas to style it with blazers

Are you looking for the perfect outfits with a bralette? Here we are with all the Summer 2020 fashion trends that our Lover’s Community should really know about. Trend number #1: did you know you can now learn how to wear bralette as a top? Yes, not only can you wear it as a unique lingerie piece, but you can also turn it into an outstanding must have for the most glorious looks to sport outside. Today, our idea is to make all of you Chitè Girls even more stylish and empowered than usual, starting right from your summer wardrobe. Get ready to find out how Chitè lace bralettes can become the real protagonists of your seasonal looks, especially if worn wisely as the It-girls (queens of street style!) have taught us.


Let’s start with the most subversive and irreverent of all the outfits with bralette: it is surprising how great a bra can be in terms of style, especially when it comes to make a suit appear less formal that it actually is. The combo jacket + trousers can now say goodbye to classic cotton shirts (hurry up!) and their casual fellows white T-shirts. Focus your attention on the fascinating charm of a lace bralette that, if mixed with an oversize jacket, will become the beating heart of a sexy glamorous summer look. The following street style looks also teach us how to combine the oversized blazer with shorts, and the suggestion is actually very convincing. Whether you want to wear them the same way or just use them as a source of inspiration, feel free to experiment with these outfits according to your taste and personality!

Outfit with bralette


Tip number #2: why not creating an outfit with bralette involving a skirt in the styling process? It could be a short or long skirt (we love the one with a side slit!), but just remember to carefully choose a jacket from your wardrobe. We love the sleeveless one as well, a much fresher option for the hot season as well as a wise choice for your Summer 2020 looks. Complete the mix with high-heeled mule sandals (sneakers are also highly approved when it comes to daily outfits) and a cult bag that you might choose to carry by hand or bring on shoulder. Note well: the real trick is to leave your blazer unbuttoned: the see-but-not-see effect (of the bra, of course) is what we love most about this outfit!

Outfit with bralette
Outfit with bralette

And what about you? How would you style your outfits with bralette? Which colour would you choose and, also, what kind of blazer? Buy now your Chitè bralette and go straight to the styling process of your next Summer 2020 look! You’ll be cooler than ever.

STREET STYLE SHOTS: Courtesy of Thomas Razzano

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