Hello Serena x Chitè: the first sustainable period kit

Chitè is the first Italian brand launching the first sustainable period kit for the very first time in the market. We believe in women supporting women: that’s why we’ve partnered with 100% organic and biodegradable tampons brand Hello Serena and created a box to lead you through the most delicate days of the month. May the freedom to express who you are always begin with the joy of feeling comfortable, protected and respectful towards the Planet we live on.

Sustainability is an intimate affair

All Chitè lingerie pieces come to life in artisanal workshops in the heart of the Langhe, in Piedmont. In addition to being 100% Made in Italy, Chitè underwear embraces the principles of slow couture to restore value to time and the art of craftmanship. This is a sustainable and conscious production, that supports small Italian artisans by setting boundaries from the logic of fast fashion.

All Hello Serena period tampons are made of 100% organic and biodegradable cotton with GOTS certification. They are individually wrapped in non-harmful and recyclable plastic and packed in FSC-certified cardboard boxes.

Period kit

With the Hello Serena x Chitè kit you can:

1. Forever forgetting the anxiety of first losses while waiting for menstruation (and goodbye panty liners!)

2. Wear strategic knikers at the end of your period, when you still fear some spots

3. Use the absorbent tampons together with a pair of knickers specifically created to absorb little spots thanks to the protective gusset, which is made with a compressed multi-layered cotton with absorbent purpose.

Chitè Lover knickers are…

1. The continuous design of Chitè: it is a 100% Made in Italy lingerie piece, entirely made and embroidered by hand thanks to the expert craftmanship of Italian seamstresses who have embraced the principles of slow couture in their artisanal workshops.

2. Made of stretch cotton of Italian origin. The Lover stands out for its iconic ruffled edges, which guarantee fit and comfort by adapting to the body.

3. Innovative: The first Lover period knickers havae a protective gusset made of compressed multilayered cotton with absorbent purpose.

Period knickers

Hello Serena tampons are…

Available in two sizes:
• Regular (pink box): suitable for women with a regular flow
• Super (green box): suitable for women with an abundant flow

100% Sustainable:
• 100% organic cotton GOTS-certified
• Wrapped individually in certified safe and recyclable plastic (Polypropylene, PP)
• Packed in FSC certified paper boxes 

They do not contain:
• Synthetic fibers (viscose or radiates) hyper absorbent and abrasive
• Chlorine bleaching (while synthetic fibres must be blanched, cotton is naturally white)
• Dyes or perfumes
• Chemical additives such as absorption amplifiers

Organic tampons

Life is too short to wear boring undies. Period.


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