Psychology of underwear: what your favourite lingerie says about you

Have you ever heard of psychology of underwear? Clothing is often viewed as an extension of oneself, an outward display, or sometimes private expression of our identity. Whether we love thongs, or cotton satin underwear, we all have certain lingerie we gravitate towards, and this in turn sends a message to those we interact with.We choose clothes to protect us from the elements, to make our activities safer, or to make a statement about who we are. While social identity is directed towards an external world of shared values and symbols, personal identity is directed towards how we feel about ourselves.

Psychology of underwear: how does it work?

If clothing is a representation of the self, underwear is our most inner self, it is clear underwear changes how feel, and view ourselves. However, the fashion industry is relentless in pressuring women, and increasingly men, to have the “perfect body”. In achieving this look people may feel they no longer can wear what they want, or they don’t have the “body” for this underwear. The psychological importance of underwear is clear: A qualitative study published in 2006 by Jantzen and colleagues reported that women spend considerable effort choosing, buying and putting on specific underwear for specific occasions and that “underwear can be a representation of who they really are”. However, it was also made clear that certain under can also influence how others see you. Respondents described an off-white cotton brief by the as “matronly”, “grandma’s gigantic underwear”, and “Eros killers”. These perceptions implicitly infer underwear’s role in how someone is perceived.

psychology of underwear

These perceptions can cause insecurity. Many women share conflicting emotions when it comes to wearing and even buying lingerie. In the study You do act differently when you’re in it: lingerie and femininity, Rachel Wood conducted 16 in-depth interviews with a broad range of women concerning their thoughts on lingerie. Some women expressed “forms of anxiety, ambivalence or laughter directed towards the performance of femininity and feminine sexuality required and represented by lingerie”, highlighting they often felt they should or shouldn’t wear something due to its perceptions.

Psychology of underwear: the thong

Stereotypically fun and flirty, the modern thong is all about empowering your body. Gone are the days thongs were all about sex. Now is the time where thongs have become a symbol of women dressing however they want. You are empowered, independent and incredibly in touch with your body.

psychology of underwear

Psychology of underwear: Brazilian knickers

As many say, the Brazilian cut is all about confidence! Its incredibly flattering cut makes you feel amazing in anything, even when wearing it under pyjamas. It is all about inner confidence no matter what you wear. You’re magnetic, self-assured, and level-headed.

pshychology of underwear

Psychology of underwear: boxer shorts

Active and on the go, the boxer is ideal for someone with a very energetic lifestyle. You are constantly moving, dreaming, planning. You are a free spirit, and nothing can hold you down or constrain you.

pshychology of underwear

Psychology of underwear: the hight-waisted

A stunning asset to any wardrobe, Given the choice, you always prefer a good whiskey cocktail over a glass of beer. You are glamorous, and always available for a night out. If anyone ever needs you, they’ll find you dancing your heart out on the dance floor. 

Psychology of underwear: Chitè Lover knickers

Flirty, fun and feminine the stunning Lover knickers are any 90s romcom dream. You are youthful, and always on trend. Just like the gentle satin fabric (which is made of recycled polyester), you are caring and optimistic always there for those who need you. Whilst these small paragraphs are meant for entertainment, it is important to remember to wear what YOU want. Here at Chitè, we celebrate lingerie your way, and that means complete freedom to wear and express yourself however you want. Whether it’s our boxers, or our Lover knickers each stich is made with you in mind.

The only psychological impact of our underwear should be that it makes you

pshychology of underwear


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