Who is Sarinski, the mind behind Chitè first loungewear collection

She is sweet, spontaneous yet a little bit shy: Sara Puccinelli – aka Sarinski – hides a big heart and brings a lot of commitment in everything she does. Followed by more than 63K users on Instagram, she has established a strong female community where mutual exchange of opinions is essential. Today, Sarinski has launched a loungewear capsule collection in collaboration with Chitè and she is revealing the Lover’s Journal all the details you need to know.

You have built a strong community of women. Where do you start from?
I can’t really figure out a starting point. It’s been quite a lot since I began having this conversation and engaging with my community but, in the end, I think everything came naturally thanks to the power of communication and storytelling. Yes, that’s where everything actually started from: there was me writing and other women reading.

You are a reference point for your followers: how do you stay in touch with them? And what do you like the most about this relationship?
Before anything else, I never think of them as followers in the literal sense. I don’t even engage with them using that word. They are women who use social media and have chosen to follow me: I am very grateful for this. Also, our relationship is mutual. Their advice is always very precious to me. They all have different personalities and live in different places of the world. Sometimes, they gift me with personal confessions and reveal me stories they might not be able to tell anyone else. Maybe they’re much more inspiring for me than I actually am for them. Many of them have been following me for years so far, and I hope there will be more years to come.

Is there anything about your personality that sets you apart?
I am shy, a little bit introvert and I often need to spend a long time alone to recharge my energies. That’s why I might seem snobbish sometime, even if I’m not.

How do you think femininity has changed over time? How would you define the concept of femininity today?
Femininity must be freed from any stereotyped concept. Every woman may wish to be feminine or not. And this can be achieved in different ways.

Lingerie is the first thing you wear in the morning and the last you take off in the evening. Not only is it essential for every woman, but it can help enhance the personality. The choice of lingerie reflects the woman we are, it tells a lot about our character: what kind of woman are you?
I am a feminist. I am introvert, traditional, classic. My lingerie finally reflects who I really am today, but it hasn’t always been so.

What was the first thing you thought when you were offered the collaboration for the creation of Chitè loungewear capsule?
I was happy and honoured, because Chitè is a young brand I strongly believe in. I embraced this immense possibility and visualised the underwear I would have liked to wear myself.

What inspired you for the creation of the capsule? What kind of woman did you have in mind?
I was inspired by the myths of the ‘90s, such as Carolyn Bessette and Lady D, women who keep being contemporary even almost thirty years later. They stand for the kind of traditional beauty that keeps being modern: this was my inspiration. The timeless, the eternal. It is not specifically linked to my personality, I took inspiration from a kind of simplicity that could be adapted, if not to all, to many, even in ten years’ time.

Tell us a little bit about the behind the scene of the shooting of Chitè loungewear collection!

It was Autumn, we shot the collection in a wonderful 4th century palace. It was my first experience and I gave the best I could. At the end of the day, we were all very exhausted, but I think and hope the team was satisfied as much as I was.

What have you learned from this experience?
I learned a lot about the effort, delivery times, tailoring and the total commitment and dedication of the Chitè team.

What is the message is this capsule conveying?
I would like to encourage women to follow their personal style instead of fashion trends. I keep saying that a recognizable style can be achieved by buying things which are similar among them instead of different: that’s the only way to create a style that remains true to yourself despite the passing of the years. The less you buy, or the more you buy the same, the more you remain true to yourself. Also, we’ve used high quality fabrics for Sarinski x Chitè capsule so that the products can be long lasting over time. Just like your own style, which can have different shades but always remains the same.

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