The lingerie set you wear on Valentine’s Day… is the one the can wear every day

Chitè believes in a simple yet powerful concept: the choice of lingerie for Valentine’s Day 2021 should go for an underwear set that you would not wear (only) on Valentine’s Day. Love whoever you want, respect your partner, but always remember to love YOURSELF first. This is our premise, and this is the reason why celebrating love is also a further chance for us to celebrate ourselves as women. Being sexy is a state of mind, not a matter of appearance. Celebrating your femininity is your right, so start right here, from wearing sexy lingerie just for yourself. Looking for the next (self-love proof) purchase? We have recently launched the new Red Edition of Lolita underwear. Red satin bra + Red satin knickers or thong. You will love them and you will be a real Lover.

Valentine’s Day 2021 Lingerie set: Chitè red Lolita bra

Comfort? Check. Quality? Check. Unique factor? Check. It looks like we have a winner, and it wins all round (and not only on Valentine’s Day 2021). We’re talking about the Lolita bra, of course. Handcrafted in Italy, it’s spun from sleek satin that feels like a second skin – if only our skin could shine like this. Oh, and if you’re looking for a match made in heaven, then you should team it with the ruffled thong (just saying…).

Valentine's Day 2021 Lingerie set


Valentine’s Day 2021 Lingerie set: Chitè Cheeky Lover thong in red

Not your usual go-to (even on Valentine’s Day 2021) – and for good reason. Handcrafted from Italy, our Cheeky Lover satin thong feels like a second skin, making you almost forget you have it on (if only it didn’t look so good). We must say the ruffles are quite a statment, a signature detailing that’s destined to make a mark – wonder not: it won’t leave any.

Valentine's Day lingerie thong


Valentine’s Day 2021 Lingerie set: Chitè Lover knickers in red

Literally, the timeless knickers you’ll want to wear on Valentine’s Day 2021 and treasure forever too. The curled edges have been designed to perfectly adapt to the shape of your body, without leaving marks. The fabric quality ensures comfort and style all day long. Its distinguishing feature? The embroidery on the back, that is handmade with love by independent Italian artisans.

Valentine's Day Lingerie knickers


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