“Self-love is a journey that lasts a lifetime”: skicare according to Francesca Ragone

Skincare, what a magic word! The concept of customisation lies at the heart of Chitè lingerie: in the same way, Francesca Ragone – lookmaker, make-up artist and creator of her Beyouty skincare line – loves considering this routine as something to be specifically customised to pamper both skin and soul. Chitè Lover’s Club shares many values with Francesca, that’s why we decided to interview her to talk about female leadership, self-love and women supporting women.

Francesca, first of all you are a female entrepreneur. Chitè firmly believes in female leadership too. So what does it mean for you to be a leader?

Beyouty was born considering any person as the heart of the project. As a human being and entrepreneur, my aim has always been to give those who approach my brand the opportunity to “shine”, become aware of their uniqueness and beauty, both from an external and interior point of view. Having the privilege of being the leader of a female team is a huge responsibility for me because it means being with the other on a journey towards the achievement of a common goal. At the same, it is my responsability to respect the identity and diversity of each one, remaining, when necessary, a step back. Women have an edge on others, a tenacity and sensitivity that society underestimates and we often underestimate too. This is why I firmly encourage my clients and collaborators to undertake a path of self-discovery, also through a specific Look therapy, to release the light they have inside and be able to express it outside. This is the only way to win together.

Just like Chitè, you have created an all-female team too. How do you convey the concept of women supporting women to those who work with you and your community every day?

I have always thought of my brand, Beyouty, as a family. A place which is not just physical but mainly ideal, which welcomes and values people, giving them the tools to grow as individuals and professionals. As a woman, I’ve chosen to dedicate myself to other women, share my personal and professional path, believe I can help those who may live or go through experiences which are similar to mine. With this in mind, it came natural to me to surround myself with those I call my Beyouty Ambassadors, women and professionals who believe in the power of sharing and working together.

Skincare Francesca Ragone

Let’s talk about skincare! We consider it a self-love ritual: why is it so important for you to have yours?

That’s right, any beauty routine is a pampering moment that we dedicate to ourselves, before starting the day and before going to sleep. It’s a ritual that provides us energy and well-being, allows us to always be at ease and have a positive impact not only on the body but also on the soul. It’s a real “therapy”. This is why it is important that each of us chooses the right “caresses” for herself.

Which are the essential steps of the perfect skincare routine? What should we use in the morning and what in the evening?

The perfect skincare is the personalised one, designed for each person. Each of us is unique and has specific needs, given not only by skin type or age but also by lifestyle. For this reason, instead of designing a general skincare line, I have created a personalised online service to provide tips on the ideal beauty routine for all those who buy my products.

A skincare routine invites us to look at ourselves and have a non-conflictual relationship either with the mirror or our image. How to consciously welcome who we are just the way we are?

“Self-love is a journey that lasts a lifetime”: I love this quote because it is such a great truth. We often lose sight of ourselves, distracted by what we live, worried about following standards and rules that do not belong to us. A mirror might become our enemy when we do not recognise ourselves: therefore, it is essential to stop and listen to yourself to reconnect with who you are. Of course, it is not easy at all to learn how to love yourself, it takes time. The Look Therapy is a method born from my personal experience, a path to help people get back “to the center”, express their personality through their image, welcome the beauty that each of us can enhance through skincare, makeup, hairstyle and style.

Skincare Francesca Ragone

Skincare is also awareness: how important is it for you and your products to be ethical?

Being ethical is essential for me and everything concerning me as a professional. Respect others, acting with transparency and consistency is essential. This is why I have created an inclusive, genderless skincare line, suitable for all skin types and ages, cruelty free, with a noble INCI and with a charity purpose. Everything for me must be projected “beyond”, it must have a higher purpose than being a mere product or service.

Last question: your skincare project will donate part of the proceeds to charity to support women who want to adopt a baby. Is there anything you would like to tell them?

To all women who, just like me are experiencing what I call the “pregnancy of the heart”, I want to say: never lose hope. Even when years pass and everything seems too difficult, far away or, as in the case of the current pandemic, lost. How do we say? The most beautiful things are waiting for us and I strongly believe that love wins over everything. Love gives us the strength to go on because there is a life that waits for us, a future to welcome and hold in our arms that will make us forget all the time spent waiting.

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