Discover Milanesi Skincare x Chitè in 2 exclusive kits for you

Chitè sartorial tradition and artisanal craftmanship meet Milanesi Skincare innovative and highly performing formulas. The result is a pure celebration of Made in Italy, in all its authenticity! Attention to detail, Italian style and sustainability are the distinguishing features of the two exclusive Milanesi Skincare x Chitè kits, that aim at offering an experience focused on well-being and relax. The excellence of the materials used is a common thread: from one side, there are Chitè sleeping masks, handcrafted with fine Italian satin; on the other one, organic ingredients have been carefully selected by Milanesi Skincare to respond with performing and anti-pollution skincare masks to facial skin’s contemporary needs.

Milanesi Skincare x Chitè: find out more about the kits!

Create your own kit: mix and match Milanesi Skincare cosmetic formulas with the softness of Chitè satin. Is a glowing skin your main purpose? Choose Milanesi Skincare Multi-Vitamin Recovery Kit, a set of two creamy face masks with a high concentration of active ingredients, vitamins and vegetable oils to provide immediate softness and glow. Do you feel the need to purify your skin? Milanesi Skincare has created Navigli Purifying Mask, a delicate scrub made with coffee and a blend of ingredients with a toning action. Finally, choose your Chitè sleeping mask: they are 100% Made in Italy, handcrafted and embroidered by our trustworthy seamstresses. Now let your beauty sleep begin.

Milanesi Skincare x Chitè

Why should you choose Milanesi Skincare x Chitè?

Thanks to Milanesi Skincare x Chitè kit, you can:

  1. Enjoy a facial treatment with targeted skincare products to restore glow, purity and elasticity
  2. Enjoy a beauty sleep with the Chitè sleeping mask

Milanesi Skincare x Chitè: Multivitamin Kit

Milanesi Skincare Multi-Vitamin Recovery Kit is a set of two creamy face masks with a high concentration of active ingredients, vitamins and natural oils, perfect for regenerating the skin and giving it an instant softness and brightness. The kit has been designed to offer a day treatment with the Antioxidant Vitamin Mask, and evening treatment with the Vitamin Boost Elasticizing & Regenerating Mask. 30ml (15ml x2).

Milanesi Skincare x Chitè


Milanesi Skincare x Chitè: Kit Coffee

Your beauty sleep starts now. Combine the efficacy of Milanesi skincare cosmetic formulas with the softness of Chitè sleeping masks, which are handcrafted and embroidered by Italian artisans. Mix and match to create your own kit: this is a pure celebration of Made in Italy and an authentic experience focused on relax and well-being.

Milanesi skincare x Chitè


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