Your dry skin cannot wait, here is your new skincare routine

When things get tough, the tough get going. When the weather gets cold, our (dry) skin has to find a perfect beauty routine. But how? In order to answer this question, we’ve had a conversation with Karina Zandberga – Palma, Expert of Training&Merchandising at MADARA Cosmetics to find out how to take care of dry skin during Winter. At the Lover’s Club, we all know that self-care plays a huge role in enahcing our beauty: it makes us feel pampered and beautiful. So let’s go ahead and get the most of the expert’s tips.

Karina, shall we start by understanding how cold temperatures can actually affect or harm our face skin?

Cold temperatures are not the one and only main factor that can have a huge impact on our skin. Many other conditions can relate to Winter, such as central heating, rain, snow, wind and low humidity in the air.

What are your tips for the perfect skincare routine in Winter?

I suggest using gentle and mild cleansers, adding some additional moisturizer in your routine, for example, deep hydration serum, and being sure that your day cream forms a protective layer on the skin surface. Don’t forget the lips and always wear SPF if you’re planning long walks or outdoor activities.

What are the skincare ingredients with a high moisturizing percentage that should never be missing in our beauty products?

We can get the most of moisturizing properties with hyaluronic acid, sugars, oils. But this is only a small part of the whole process. It is important to not only add some moisture but to lock it into the skin in order not to allow dehydration. Plant-based waxes and oils are perfect to aim at this.

If the skin is extremely dry, how can we get fast results with an “SOS” skincare?

If the skin is very dry, then it is important to provide deep hydration and protection from environmental factors and dehydration. We can recommend using SOS serum in the combination with SOS CICA cream and SOS mask, if the surface of the skin is rough and feels paper-dry.

What should the fundamental steps in our morning routine consist of? And which ones in the evening?

For your morning routine, focus on protection: it means that you have to choose a day cream that forms a protective layer (plus, use SPF if it’s necessary). For your evening routine, the focus is on deep hydration and regeneration, so you can use serums, leave on masks.

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