If Kate Moss wore Chitè, she’d pick a satin slip dress for Summer 2021

Dear Kate Moss, would you like to be our next Chitè woman? We are more than certain of what we are about to declare: among all Summer 2021 lingerie trends, today’s Kate Moss look would certainly feature Chitè satin slip dress. Handcrafted as in the best tradition of Made in Italy, our slip dress comes to life in artisanal ateliers in the heart of the Langhe, in Piedmont: it is here that the expert seamstresses we collaborate with are located, and it is here that the craftsmanship and quality of the Chitè garments comes to life.

But now back to Kate Moss! Muse and style icon since ever, her wardrobe has often shown a strong preference for slip dresses. This is proved by the archive photos from the 90s, both street style shots and editorials pages. Dusting off the allure of Kate Moss’s looks, who would love the Chitè satin slip dress for Summer 2021, is therefore a must. You will be enchanted by her spirit as well as her effortlessly chic attitude.

Summer 2021 Lingerie: Kate Moss looks featuring the satin slip dress

Slip dress summer 2021 kate moss look
Courtesy: @eka.eye

Lovers, let’s face it. What to wear to be comfortable at home if not a soft satin slip dress? Sophisticated and chic even within the four walls of her comfort zone, Kate Moss is portrayed here in an editorial shot by Ellen von Unwerth in 1995. Let us tell you more: should you by any chance run out of milk in the fridge, all you’ll need to do is putting on a coat (any coat will be great with your slip dress) and go the supermarket! Kate Moss, what a muse!

Summer 2021 Lingerie: Kate Moss looks featuring the satin slip dress

Satin slip dress summer 2021 lingerie kate moss
Courtesy: @90schaoticpink

“What are you wearing tonight?”: we’ve all texted our best friend sking so, at least once in our life. Well, we’re not (just) suggesting you to go matchy-matchy with your bestie, but be aware that a satin slip dress is the Summer 2021 lingerie trend that will give you a lot of satisfaction in terms of styling for evening looks. Fashion twins Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell prove it in this shot! The Black Venus wears a super long tank top dress, in silver, with black sandals. Kate Moss, on the other hand – as a champion of the 90s – sports a satin slip dress with Mary Jane shoes. Imagine them together today: we bet the two supermodels would wear Chitè slip dress.

Lingerie Estate 2021: i look di Kate Moss in slip dress

slip dress summer 2021 lingerie kate moss
Courtesy: @furnocturnal

Last but not least, here is Kate Moss’s most sublime expression in slip dress. It was 1994 and the British supermodel appeared in the German edition of Marie Claire. Starring with her in the photo shoot is a satin slip dress, which today returns – more than ever – with its sophisticated and minimal elegance to be a statement must-have. Indeed, it’s much more: a timeless piece of lingerie, to buy now and love, cherish, wear forever. Dear Kate Moss, we’ll ask you again: woud you like to be a Chitè woman?

satin slip dress estate 2021 chitè