Chitè launches SKIN TO SKIN, the new Fall Winter 2021-2022 lingerie collection

Dear Lover, here we are. We’ve just dropped SKIN TO SKIN, the new Fall Winter 2021 2022 women’s lingerie collection. The inspiration, that comes to life in the advertising campaign shot by Stefano Sciuto and Teresa Ciocia, draws on a renewed search for human contact and the rebirth of emotions. Strengthened by freedom and matured awareness, SKIN TO SKIN was conceived to celebrate emotional inclusivity: every morning, women can choose their lingerie according to their mood, as long as it represents them and make them feel good. Available on the brand’s e-commerce, the collection updates the range of customisable ongoing products with new colours and will also offer new designs in the range of bras, briefs, thongs and nightwear pieces.

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SKIN TO SKIN is the deep connection with ourselves, with our intimacy and our skin but also with everything that is turned outwards – explains Federica Tiranti, Creative Director of Chitè Milano. – Taking care of others, paying attention to small artisans and supporting them by establishing a human relationship. SKIN TO SKIN is the desire, after a long period of distance from others, to get back in contact, skin to skin with other people. It stands for the desire to look at ourselves in the mirror, feeling proud of who we are, just the way we are. It completes women’s evolution in developing awareness and inner strength. The new Chitè Fall Winter 2021 2022 lingerie gives you the freedom to choose who you really want to be every morning, just by following your mood. That’s what emotional inclusivity stands for: we want the first garment we choose in the morning and that comes into contact with our skin to represent us and make us feel good “.

womens lingerie fall winter 2021 2022

Women’s lingerie: from artisans to you

The values embraced by Chitè are craftsmanship, high quality sustainable fabrics (such us our Oeko-Tex certified Italian satin and embroidered tulle: the iconic ones) and a strong focus on responsible production. Each garment is in fact entirely handcrafted by expert seamstresses as in the best Italian tradition, in independent artisanal ateliers in the heart of the Langhe, in Piedmont.

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Women’s lingerie: customization and made-to-order

Being the first online customisable and made-to-order lingerie brand, the new Chitè Fall Winter 2021 2022 lingerie collection will continue to offer the chance to customise and create made-to-order underwear sets. You can request a customised embroidery as well as create your own lingerie set from scratch thanks to our #MyChitè platform: make sure you add your measurements, then have fun choosing colours, fabrics and design! The goal is to offer a 360° interactive experience, which allows you to choose models, fabrics, colors and embroideries of phrases or initials.


35 seconds, just for you

SKIN TO SKIN eventually celebrates a mindful contact with yourself. With this collection, founders Chiara Marconi and Federica Tiranti want to invite every woman to take a moment to herself every day, to appreciate and love their bodies and inner selves just the way they are. 35 Seconds, no more: they’ll be enough to pay attention to the powerful well-being coming from establishing a tiny little habit that is as simple as it is precious.